Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

1. What is the Difference Between Your Video and Videos on Youtube?

I think youtube provides a lot of helpful information. However I have yet to see many of the things that have made me money in the barber business. So I decided to package it for barbers that want to make serious income in this business.

2. Does The Membership Expire?
You will have access to the private member area for a lifetime. Once you sign up today, you will even receive free updated videos that are added in the future. Just log in and enjoy!
3. Can I Watch On My Mobile?
Yes you can watch the training videos on your iphone or andriod device. The videos are formatted to play on tablets, desktop and all mobile devices.
4. Is There A Guarantee?
I can't guarantee your success, but I can guarantee you get a full money back refund if after 30 days you were not completely satisfied with the training video.